LED High Bay Light-SHBL-100WG

LED High Bay Light


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Product Attributes :

◆Pure cupper heat pipe directly heat sink,transfer speed x200

◆Using LM80 Rated OSRAM/Philips/Nichia SMD EMC3030 LED

◆Widely input voltage range, constant current and constant voltage MEANWELL  driver

◆Snap-in type reflectors,easy installation

◆Scales reflectors with different angle,high light utilization

◆5 years warranty,Tc70ºc 50000hrs

 Lamp parameter 规格参数

Power 功率100W
 Input Voltage    输入电压90-305VAC 127-431VDC
Frequency Range   频率范围4763Hz
Power Factor(Typ. 功率因数PF>0.98/115VAC PF>0.95/230VAC   PF>0.92/277VAC
LED Brand   LED品牌LM80 Rated OSRAM/Philips/Nichia 3030
LED Quantity   LED数量100PCS
System Consumption     系统功耗100±1W
LED Luminous Efficiency   LED发光效率120-130 Lm /W
IP Rating  防护等级IP65/67
Junction Temperature    LED结温≤80
Color Temperature        色温3000K/4500K/5000K/5700K/6500K 
Color Rendering Index    显色指数Ra80
Light Distribution          配光曲线Symmetric/round spot  对称式/圆形光斑
Life Span  光源寿命≥50,000Hrs(Note3)
The color of the lamp shell  灯具颜色black/ silver 黑色、银色
Certification  认证CE  ROHS







Fixed by rotatory buckle,easily installed without tools.The independent encapsulates the high-brightness high power led light source intergrated package,have long life,energy saving,environmental protection,high photosynthetic effciency,no stroboscopic,no double,spectrum,infrared characteristics such as no ultraviolet ray;Led light source, design of die-cast aluminum casing,curved heat sink and drainage design,thermal stricture,which will help the rain fly ash excretion,beautiful appearance,high quality heat;Led light source with high brightness LED  chip, attainable to 130lm/w,high purity aluminum reflector and light source fit closely together,professional light distribution,light and high effciency;Wide voltage range input to ensure the global market of led lights versatility,unique protection circuit to improve the overall reliability of the LED lights and anti-jamming capability;precise constant current control technology to ensure high stability of the led lights.