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This year in Philadelphia at the lighting show, osram opto semiconductors will show a can promote plant growth and health of the LED prototype: Mr Oslon Square the Hyper Red.The third generation of 2 W LED emission characteristic is improved, the light output is higher, corrosion resistance, therefore, adopt Mr Oslon Square the Hyper Red plant lighting system has the very high cost performance.

Plants need two basic elements: water and light.Now, with the aid of different wavelength leds, commercial growers can control all stages of plant growth.For example, with the aid of Mr Oslon Square the Hyper Red wavelength of 660 nm prototype, can control the growth of plant flowering stage.Plus deep blue version of the 450 nm and 730 nm of far red, osram opto semiconductors Mr Oslon series perfect covers the whole process of plant growth.
The high power LED prototype integration have 2 m ㎡ chip, performance better.Developers using the latest technology, in the current is 700 mA, the working temperature is 25 ℃, the typical radiation power can reach 905 mW, radiation efficiency can reach 60%.This means that, compared with the present Mr Oslon SSL, radiation power increased by 13%, the radiation efficiency increased by 25%.Mr Oslon Square the Hyper Red beam Angle is 120 °.
"New Mr Oslon Square the Hyper Red superior corrosion resistance, long service life and high reliability. Therefore, the trump card of our products also reached a whole series of Mr Oslon consistent high quality standards."