is a young and dynamic Chinese design led lighting company.

Our company produce high efficiency/low energy lighting fixtures.


The company’s philosophy responds to the changing needs of modern light technology, with more attention giving to the demand of energy savings and environment protection.


Shining-LED  products are the right solution for all your design requirements that comply with environmental regulations , energy-saving , and especially for the use of the most advanced technologies in the management of light.


Due to the research and expertise in led lighting technology, Shining-led offers its customers LM-80 rated led light source and driver with UL/CE certified.Production process and product accessories reach ROHS standard.


The internal cooling system is designed to ensure a longer life of the LED chip , which also maintains a stylish look  that eliminates heat and increases the duration of the lamps.


The surface of the lamp body is treated to withstand ultraviolet rays and to resist corrosion.


The die-cast aluminium lamp body ensures water resistance and durability. The reflector combines the elliptical and spherical shapes to distribute the light evenly across the illuminated surface. This lamps are free of flickering to eliminates the effect of eye strain.


The ignition process is always immediate at any frequency and operating temperature . No pollutants are used such as lead and mercury to reach the true concept of ecological illumination with low energy consumption , Environmentally friendly.


 Working with a direct current and low voltage , makes this technology the future installation of lamp energy self-sufficient through the use of photovoltaic panels.