LED Tube Light-T8

LED Tube Light


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Product Attributes :

◆Long Lifespan

◆Saving of 70% on energy costs

◆Convenient installation

◆Environmentally friendly,without mercury

◆High CRI

◆Extensive Ranges of Applications

 Lamp parameter 规格参数

Power 功率9W12W18W22W
Input Voltage  输入电压80-265VAC
Frequency Range   频率范围4763Hz
Power Factor(Typ. 功率因数PF>0.95/220VAC
 LED Brand   LED品牌Epistar
LED Quantity   LED数量48PCS72PCS96PCS120PCS
  LED Luminous Efficiency      
70-80 Lm /W
IP Rating  防护等级IP44
Junction Temperature  LED结温≤80
Color Temperature  色温3000K/4500K/6500K/8000K
Color Rendering Index   显色指数Ra80
Light Distribution    配光曲线Symmetric/round spot  对称式/圆形光斑
Life Span  光源寿命≥30,000Hrs(Note3)
The color of the lamp shell  灯具颜色white白色
Certification  认证   CE / ROHS


Installation Steps安装步骤



※Application 适用场所


There is no doubt that light can stimulate human body and generate obvious physical reaction. Physical doctor Baba Pendse focuses on the effect of LED lamps on human psychological health. He believes the LED Lighting can adjust the biological cycle and thus affect sleep, sensitiveness and body function. In contrast, strong light especially at night can help people to stay awake. So according to Rea, people’s desire for the light is out of the desire to grasp information. The clearer and brighter the environment is, the more information you can get. “Under bright led area light we can read leisurely or easily see what the children are doing.”

Under the same LED Lights, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will gain the same emotion since everybody reacts differently to light just like how they reacts to food. So you can barely find a specific lamp that can satisfy everyone in the office.