LED Flood Light-SFL-50W3A

LED Flood Light


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Product Attributes :

◆Ultra-thin streamline appearance design

◆Professional optical design,Luminous Efficiency increased by 50%

◆Use LM-80rated orignal philips/Osram/Nichia EMC3030 LED

◆10-200W 8kinds of power can choose

 Lamp parameter 规格参数

Power 功率50W
 Input Voltage    输入电压90-305VAC 127-431VDC
Frequency Range   频率范围4763Hz
Power Factor(Typ. 功率因数PF>0.98/115VAC PF>0.95/230VAC   PF>0.92/277VAC
LED Brand   LED品牌LM80 Rated OSRAM/Philips/Nichia 3030
LED Quantity   LED数量50PCS
System Consumption     系统功耗50±1W
LED Luminous Efficiency   LED发光效率110-120 Lm /W
IP Rating  防护等级IP65/67
Junction Temperature    LED结温≤80
Color Temperature        色温3000K/4500K/5000K/5700K/6500K 
Color Rendering Index    显色指数Ra80
Light Distribution          配光曲线Symmetric/round spot  对称式/圆形光斑
Life Span  光源寿命≥50,000Hrs(Note3)
The color of the lamp shell  灯具颜色black 黑色
Certification  认证CE  ROHS


※ Mechanical specification  机械尺寸


Installation Instruction 安装方式


※Application 适用场所

Shopping mall,Exhibition hall,Packing lot,stadidum,Gymnasium,Outdoor billboard,Pack,Sculpture,

Building elevation and so on


Flood light use durable die cast powder coated aluminum housing with stainless hardware;Finned heat sink designed to dissipate the radiant heat efficiently; Adopt high quality chips as light source, with high brightness, good color rendering, soft and pure light; No any pollution elements, achieving totally green for using;No IR light source & UV-assisted design enabling protection of the illuminated objects,5 Years Warranty