"Is different from ordinary enterprises, petrochemical enterprise production running 24 hours a day, in addition to the device running normal production of electricity, night due to production operators need to copy for regular inspection, maintenance, data, production plant area and operation room inside and outside the floodlight do not destroy, lighting for the whole year fee is a big investment."Daxie petrochemical production run 10 electrical systems engineer, director of the dong said carelessly.
As soon as the black device must be light, it is unable to change the situation.Save electricity to a great extent, to build a low carbon environmental protection and energy saving of petrochemical enterprise, daxie petrochemical to apply "intelligent" lighting, more than 10, ten thousand yuan investment in the region of the 14 substation intelligent lighting control system installation, using optical mode and time control mode, the reasonable control lights on time as far as possible, reduce the ever-burning lamps, do have lights.
Optical model is to install light sensors probe around the device, when the outside light intensity big, will automatically disconnect the lighting circuit;When the outside light weak and close again.No matter how the weather changes, the model can effectively control production unit start-stop time of lighting, road lighting.Time control mode is used when the control equipment start-stop time adjustment.Due to the different seasons have different illumination time, the model according to the sunrise and sunset time each month, adjust lighting main back to the way of time control systems, set to open to turn off the lights.
"We prefer using time control mode, the second optical model, two patterns to cooperate with each other, have achieved good energy saving effect."Dong talk said, according to the statistics, online after the system, daxie petrochemical of about 17300 kilowatt hours of electricity each month, annual energy saving or BiaoMei 21 tons, is expected to save costs RMB 360000 per year.Among them, many devices before modification lighting light source used is 125 watts of metal halide lamp, general lighting effect, failure rate is higher, the change of frequency is higher also.Lighting source after the completion of the transformation, many device is replaced by 25 or 45 watts LED lamp, the lamp brightness, high failure rate is low, not only saving energy, virtually also saved part of lighting light source for the enterprise material purchase cost.
"Turn off the lights and power saving although only a small move, but the sand into the tower, all the year round, for daxie petrochemical such super large petrochemical enterprises, energy conservation benefit is very considerable."Dong said carelessly, daxie petrochemical will further optimization of the intelligent lighting system, strive to realize intelligent control of concentrated, namely unit area, the road lighting control system separate, respectively according to actual needs its own lighting control.At the same time, the time control model will be accurate to the minutes and seconds, make the floodlight start-stop time more accurate